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When the book is finally written about how the Phil Jackson era in New York all went badly, the chapters will echo the tone of public dialogue through the media between Jackson and Carmelo Anthony as it slowly slipped into outright disdain.

2014: Melo says “I can’t wait” when it comes to playing in the Triangle after Jackson is hired.

2015: Jackson doesn’t talk to Melo about free agency, and says he shouldn’t be consulted.

2016: They have to meet to “clear the air” after Jackson’s comments about LeBron James, and about Anthony’s game.

And a million times more than that, the two had increasingly negative things to say about one another. Jackson called Melo a ball hog. Melo said he was sick of being asked about the Triangle. Then, of course, there were the efforts to find a trade Anthony would waive his no-trade clause for at the deadline. And with the Knicks having been eliminated this week, Anthony has been making cryptic comments about this summer, more of which he said on Monday.

OK, if any of you have any suggestions on what this means, I am all ears. Because it reads like gibberish, or something your friend from college says about his accounting job at 2 a.m. at the IHOP after a night out.

It’s not good, though. That’s pretty clear.

It seems more and more like it’s going to come down to Melo or Jackson. One has to go. Either Anthony has to waive his no-trade clause for a team that can actually give the Knicks some level of return, or Jackson needs to take up the opt-out he has this summer and return to whatever it is he does in Montana when he’s not with the Knicks.

Anthony held firm to his demands to be dealt to Cleveland or Los Angeles at the deadline but if he gets sick enough of the situation, he could relent. Then again, there could be a solution that fits both sides. If the Cavs fail to win the Finals, changes could be coming, and that could open the door for a move for Melo.

That won’t solve the problem that is Jackson’s tenure, which has been a pretty big disaster, but at some point, Anthony has to start looking out for his career as it starts to head toward a landing.

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