Scuba Diving Accident | Weight Belt Disaster Lesson

If at least one person finds this video useful and benefits from my mistake, I will have achieved my goal. I hope you will take this as a lesson and avoid similar situation in your own dives. Losing your belt on a dive is a very common occurrence. I have gotten feedback from quite a few people including my friends that it has happened to them as well. As you go deeper into your dive, the pressure will reduce your waist line so you will need to be conscientious about tightening your belt. This video was recorded in Cozumel Mexico during a deep dive 100 feet below the surface for a PADI Advance Open Water certification. The weight belt with plastic buckle became loose and dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Uncontrollable ascent ensued. The student did not panic and managed to get the instructor’s attention. Had the instructor not come the the rescue, the student will most certainly have lost control and gotten Decompression Sickness (Bends).

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