Guinness World Record attempt: Nude skydive while playing violin

A central Coast man will launch a ballsy bid to set a new Guinness World Record when he skydives stark naked playing the violin from 15,000 feet on his 30th birthday.

Glen Donnelly, a world-class violinist, will have his musical instrument strapped to him and “downstairs” package in a harness as he tandem freefalls for about three minutes in expected minus-10 temperatures and blinding 220km/h wind resistance.

“Nude skydiving and people playing music on a skydive have been done before, but not all at the same time,” Donnelly told the Express Advocate.

“There are so many things I’m afraid of, but I think it’s going to be f—ing incredible.”

One of those things is possible damage to strings of a different kind in his groin region during the world-first nude violin skydive­.

“If anything, it might elongate certain parts, but it’s all for a good cause,” the virtuoso said.

Donnelly’s birthday dive in his birthday suit on August 27 will be aiming to raise $15,000 — $1 for every foot he descends — to create three new services to help improve men’s mental health.

It’s his latest stunt after joining a rally at the Coast’s only legal nudist beach two years ago when the former Wyong Council’s plan to widely promote Birdie Beach as a nude tourism hotspot backfired.

The former Gosford student, who blitzed his studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London, called it quits on a glittering musical career in 2013 after suffering from body dysmorphic disorder, which causes body hatred.

He is “well and truly” over his body-image problem, which began in 2006 when another musician said Donnelly’s stomach was “podgy”.

The naturist convert denied he had gone bonkers with his latest ball-breaking bid, saying he wanted to tell men the naked truth.

“Getting nude is one way of confronting body-image issues,” Donnelly said.

“Men need to start talking about their vulnerabilities. I’ve rebooted my life and getting nude is a legitimate form of therapy.”

Donnelly is still undecided on what song he will be playing when he takes the leap of faith in August, but says either Flight of the Bumblebee or Happy Birthday might be appropriate.

He plans on having a practice run to get used to the cracking wind resistance at a racetrack in the coming weeks.

“It’ll be bloody freezing at 15,000 feet, so I might need a practice run or two at a speedway where someone can drive really fast and I’ll lunge out with the violin, and if there are no eyes around, I might hang my private parts out too.

“I’m riding the journey of becoming whatever I want.

“This nude skydive shows I’m ready for anything.”

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