NBA Players To Protest National Anthem, Too

The move to protest against the United States by insulting the national anthem is spreadingacross the sports world from the NFL to the NBA.

According to Oklahoma Thunder guard Victor Oladipo, NBA players will join the movement to use the national anthem as a vehicle for protest. Speaking with Complex Sports‘ Russ Bengtson, Oladipo was asked whether NBA players would join the burgeoning movement among athletes to show disrespect to the national anthem. Oladipo replied:

Oh, no question. I truly believe it will. Because at the end of the day it’s a sport, and people are gonna be looking at some guys in the NBA to see what they’re gonna do as well. At the end of the day you just control what you can control, so your opinion is your opinion, that’s the beauty of the United States, so, do whatever you feel is best that will help you do whatever you believe…

People’s beliefs are people’s beliefs, you know what I mean, you can only control so much, you can only control what you can control, and the most things you can control is yourself. So whatever you believe, believe in to the utmost. But I think definitely, we’ll see a few guys in the NBA doing the same thing.

“I think definitely, we’ll see a few guys in the NBA doing the same thing.”


Other NBA stars have discussed the idea of refusing to stand for the national anthem, including Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, who said he’ll “most likely” stand, adding that hesupports San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the national anthem. Curry said, “Hopefully the conversation is about what his message was and not ‘Is he gonna stand, or is he gonna sit for the national anthem?’” Fellow Warrior Kevin Durant echoed:

I’m behind anyone who stands up for what they believe in. Colin Kaepernick is standing up for what he believes in. That’s what makes our country so great, right? You have the luxury to do so. He was unapologetic about it and, in his defense, I don’t think he was trying to disrespect anyone. I think he was trying to get his point across. I’m all for anyone who wants to do that. As athletes, we have this huge platform. A lot of people are watching at all times. Sometimes it may not be what you do, they like. But if you feel like it’s gonna be impactful, that’s on you. I feel like everyone should stand up for what they believe.”

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