Protesting NFL Players Just Got Smacked With HUGE Dose Of Karma With What They ALL Woke To Today

The former politics-free National Football League used to enjoy a mostly bipartisan viewership with just a bit of a lean toward the red blooded American right. The most interesting departure from athletics we used to see was the addition of pink accessories in support of breast cancer awareness month in October. All of that changed, however, when second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to take a knee in defiance to the National Anthem last season.

America reacted to the obvious middle finger that Kaepernick was throwing to liberty and justice for all and that outrage from the right was met with the left’s loud support of anything racist. Even other players joined the politically correct protest in an effort to seem progressive and supportive. But despite their best efforts, Kaepernick remains a free agent, and liberals are furious. They seem to think that a team should sign him on principle, but the coaches and owners don’t agree.

Between the disrespectful players and the disgusted patriots, the only thing Americans seem to agree on is that the NFL needs to stop straddling the fence and make a decision; will they allow the disrespect to continue and alienate their right leaning audience, or will they say that politics need to stay off the field.

Since patriotism obviously isn’t the motivator for the NFL and it’s a money issue, now the chickens have come home to roost. Results from the first week of real live football are in and apparently, they’ve ticked everybody off, because numbers are down significantly from this time last year.

Many of the hundreds of people who rallied for Colin Kaepernick in front of NFL headquarters last month called for a boycott of the league over its treatment of the free-agent QB, who remains jobless over kneeling during the national anthem last year as a stance against racism and police brutality of unarmed Black men. The ‘#NoKaepernickNoNFL’ petition was even created on

Well, early ratings for this young 2017 NFL season are in … and they’re down. According to Nielsen, the league’s kickoff game between the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs last Thursday night on NBC registered 21.8 million viewers, which is down from the 25.2 million viewers last year’s kickoff game drew.

Yet mainstream media outlets didn’t mention the Kaepernick-motivated boycott of the NFL as a reason why in their respective stories about the league’s drop in ratings early this season. Not CNN, SB Nation or Deadline. Shook ones?”

With the exception of a precious few, it’s saddening to know that some of the most privileged members of our society, and those that our children look up to, have such a deluded misunderstanding of what America has done for them.

It’s ridiculous because the left wants to believe that the downturn for the ratings is because Kaepernick is still not wearing a team jersey, but New York Post puts those numbers in a little different light:

“The ratings tumble on Thursday is sure to continue the years-long debate over whether the NFL’s ability to draw young male viewers is on a long, cyclical decline.

Last year, an early season ratings slip of 12 percent was pegged to a divisive presidential campaign.

In fact, one influential media analyst forecast NFL ratings, absent the campaign, would grow this year.

Michael Nathanson predicted a ratings rise, which he also tied to better game matchups, The Post reported on Sept. 6.

Some have linked the lower ratings to twin controversies — concussion- caused CTE and the national anthem protest sparked by Colin Kaepernick.

Some are blaming TV coverage of Hurricane Irma for some of the NFL slippage.

The Weather Channel siphoned off more than its usual audience by averaging 2.23 million viewers opposite the game — compared with 175,000 viewers for the same time a year ago, according to Advertising Age.”

So according to others, the weather is actually more interesting than the formerly adored football players. It may well be that the responsible male middle America demographic has had it up to their eyeballs with divisiveness and controversy surrounding the players standing and kneeling all their general shenanigans.

At this point, the only thing the right and the left can agree on is that it’s Kaepernick’s fault. The left called for a boycott because he didn’t get to play and the right called for a boycott because the league wasn’t standing up to the racist players and their protests. It looks like for once, both sides won, and millions of people didn’t watch. When there’s a political or social problem like this we rarely all agree on the solution, but it looks like in this case the same stone is killing a bird for both sides of the argument.

Is this the end of the NFL? Probably not, but if we’re lucky it might send the message all the way up to the top that we need to take politics out of our football.

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